Yenibosna Merkez, Bahçelievler/İstanbul, Turkey
$122.000 - $1.410.000


General Information

Type :  Residential Appartments

District : Yeni Bosne

Delivery Date : delivered

Payment Typs : Cash % 20 discount

10% instalment discount

50% Down payment with 12 Months instalments


Project Description


It is worth to live in Istanbul


Now all you wait for , it is a step away from you
With our project, your apartment, your work, your welfare and all your dreams, you will find them together in one place in one time
Our project creates a new world in Istanbul
In the heart of Istanbul, in the centre of life … Located right next to Atatürk Airport, Our Project is a prestigious mixed-life project consisting of offices and residences…
5 minutes away from the airport
A healthy life is a step away from you
Prepare for a healthy life full of energy and vitality through our project
Whether you choose to live in one of the housing units or work in one of the offices offered by the project
The world of sports is a step away from you, in addition to the presence of bathrooms, the possibility of massages and steam rooms, so you can take a rest after a hard day, and you can also swim in the pool.
The beauty of nature in the city is one step ahead …
Our Project offers you all the possibilities of modern city life  and gives you the peace of nature …
A lifestyle that goes beyond expectations and raises the bar in the business and living area with its comfort and architecture.
Pleasant moments are one step ahead …
You don’t have to go far for a nice breakfast or dinner … At Our Project, we have planned the elegant restaurants and cafeterias that reflect your style for you and your beloveds. Pleasant moments are right next to your home and business …
The residences that will add comfort and prestige to your life are one step ahead …
Our Project is a turning point in its region with its innovative architecture and details that make life easier…
You can host business partners and guests from abroad, in the residence apartments located right next to the airport and across the offices ….
In addition, different apartment options are waiting for you to get out of your workplace without thinking about traffic…
Your job is one step ahead from your pleasure …
In Our Project, offices have a modular structure that you can shape as you wish. Thus, you can adapt your office to many different business types and needs. Working in these innovative offices that are modern and comfort oriented will be a pleasure.
Office and commercial units from 45 m2 to 1900 m2


Values stored in detail …

This Project is enriched with many innovative technologies  that make your life easier and comfortable. You will always feel special with the details which enhance your comfort in your residence or office…


*Raft Foundation

*Central heating and hot water production, heat station (sup-station) system

*Smoke exhaust ventilation system in parking garages

Parking Garage

*Color video intercom system

*Central Satellite TV (SMATV) broadcast system

*Generator system capable of providing 100% redundant energy in all common areas

*Access to floors from the car park by lifts

*Green area implementation throughout the project

*Design and construction of earthquake resistant buildings


Project Location

 One of the striking features that make Karat 34 a charming center of attraction is its unique location.

With its location, everything that will add value to your investment, as well as to meet your needs, is one step ahead in that Project

The E5 highway passes right by it … It connects you to every point of the city

Ataturk Airport is in walking distance! The world is right next to you

Education and health institutions are within easy reach

International congress and fairgrounds, trade centers

Shopping and social areas are a few minutes away from you

Metro and metrobus stops are very near you



Price list

1+1 58-92m² 122,000$-250,000$
1+1 Duplex 86-88m² 211,000$-221,000$
2+1 115-182m² 230,000$-459,000$
2+1 Duplex 101m² 259,000$
3+1 257-267m² 639,000$-718,000$
4+1 Duplex 167m² 529,000$
Shop 91-820m² 425,000$-2,110,000$
Office 79-589m² 204,000$-1,410,000$
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