How to Get Citizenship?

In consequence of the amendment to “Turkish Citizenship Law” by the government of the Republic of Turkey in September 2018, foreigners can earn a right to become a citizen of Turkey if – they purchase real estate worth of 400,000 USD (providing that they will not sell for three years), – they have a bank deposit of 500,000 USD in state banks (providing that they will not withdraw for three years), or – they found a company with a capital of 500,000 USD.

The following issues should be well-regarded with regards to real estate purchases:

Before the payment for the real estate, the applicant should open up a bank account in one of Turkish banks and make the payment through this account.
The expertise of the real state need to be conducted by independent evaluation companies recognized by the government.
A total of 400,000 USD can be reach with a number of real estate purchases.
The deed needs to include that the real estate has been purchased for a citizenship application and that it will not be sold for three years.
The real estate purchase needs to be made from individuals or companies with Turkish citizenship. The citizenship law does not comprise the purchase of real estate from foreigners.

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After the real estate purchase, investors can immediately receive their residence permit in Turkey. The following “citizenship acceptance process” can result in a period between 6 months and 8 months.


Documents required for the application

Application Form
Turkish translation of the identity card of nationality, or if stateless, a notarized document
2 photographs
Residence permit or valid tourist visa recorded on the passport
(If your wife or close relatives are citizens of Turkey) copies of identity cards and resident permits
The voucher for the application payment
(If there are kids applying for Turkish citizenship) a Turkish translation of documents notarized or duly approved by an international representative or authority (in Turkey or abroad)
Marital status documents
Birth certificate, identity register copy, or a similar document
(For those with birth certificate with no date of birth) an official document of nationality. If this cannot be procured, it’s necessary to submit a signed statement of acceptance that the application is in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Documents required for residence permit :

Residence Permit Application Form
Original passport and its photocopy
4 photos (biometric and taken in the last 6 months)
Valid Health Insurance
Original and the copy of the Title Deed and its land registration
Documents of criminal record
Residential Area Document

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