The citizens of which nationalities can purchase real estate in Turkey?

All citizens can purchase real estate in Turkey with the exception of the citizens of Northern Korea, Armenia, and Syria.

How can a Syrian citizen become eligible for Turkish citizenship?

If the applicant’s spouse is the citizen of another country, s/he can make an investment through their country of nationality to get a Turkish citizenship. Their Syrian spouse and children under the age of 18 will also be eligible for Turkish citizenship.

Is it still eligible for application if there is a mortgage on the property?

If the real estate property is mortgaged, the amount of mortgage specified during valuation is deducted from the total amount of investment. If this amount if less than 250,000 USD, an additional investment is necessary to complete the minimum amount of 250,000 USD. Otherwise, the application for Turkish citizenship will not be accepted.

Is it possible to apply for citizenship with a “real estate sales contract” instead of a title deed?

“Real estate sales contracts”, which are issued by a notary, indicating in its title registry that it cannot be sold for three years, were included in the “Turkish Citizenship Law ” within the framework of the Presidential Order dated December 6, 2018.

What are the important points to consider before purchasing a property for application?

What are the required documents for conveyance of property?

Can the applicant buy more than one property to reach the minimum limit of 250,000 USD?

Yes, they can. The citizenship application is accepted if the total worth of the properties is more than 250,000 USD.

Where can I send the application after purchasing a property?

They can personally apply to the governorship of their residence in Turkey. If they are abroad, they can apply to foreign representatives by themselves or with a special trust deed. Applications by mail will not be accepted.

How can we calculate the currency exchange between USD and TRY?

The value of the property in USD is calculated based on the effective sales exchange rate on the date of purchase as specified by the Republic of Turkey Central Bank.

How long does it take to finalize the citizenship application process?

Provided that the documents are all complete, the citizenship application process is completed in a period between 6 and 8 months.

If all requirements are fulfilled, is it certain to get a Turkish citizenship?

The approval process of the citizenship application is certain only after ensuring that the applicant poses no national threat.

Can you get Turkish citizenship by purchasing a commercial property with rent guarantee?

Any kind of property can be purchased given that its total value exceeds 250,000 USD.

How many people can apply for a deed?

Only one person and their first-degree relatives (spouse and children under the age of 18) can get a citizenship.

Can a person who purchased a property before September 19, 2018 still apply for a citizenship after this date?

To apply with real estate purchased before September 19, 2018, the total value of the property should be 1 million USD. Otherwise the application will not be valid. The applications made after September 19, 2018 requires the total worth of the property to be at least 250,000 USD.

When the applicant becomes a Turkish citizen, does s/he have to renounce his/her current citizenship?

No. Turkey accepts dual citizenship.

Can an applicant’s children over the age of 18 benefit from the citizenship?

No, they can’t.

Can an applicant’s children with special needs over the age of 18 benefit from the citizenship?

They can benefit from the citizenship if the children’s requirement for medical care is documented.

Can the purchased property be put up for lease?


As a property owner, what sort of taxes does the applicant need to pay?

Estate tax, environment tax, waste water and similar taxes. You can learn more about this question by consulting our experts


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